The Transformation

The MediaKey Story

MediaKey’s founder, Shannon Spalding, also founded Multi-Media Productions (MMP) and began national broadcast programming in 1995. The Luxurious Living series changed revenue-based programming and made a serious impact, seen anytime you turn on HGTV. MediaKey represents a restructuring of the MMP client (participant) benefits –services supporting programming – from production to a customer needs focus on marketing and advertising intelligence. Clients used to receive corporate videos and added production (like graphic arts or animation). Now they receive a comprehensive audience and airing demographic data package, their feature as a distribution-prepared “media pullout”, and complete information on MediaKey’s own marketing and promotions/advertising of episodes as well as opportunity to support their episode through extended advertising and marketing services at additional cost (production items are still available). MediaKey features are priced 18% lower than its competitors for 2 reasons; aggressive cost reduction and the market has simply gone down. The low (and demanding) advertising market is a great place for MediaKey’s new, hot, highly-targeted, proactive intelligence to make a big impact…we give them the key data they need to drive results. No other revenue-based company does. Please know, highly targeted-marketing was recently the topic of an ABC Nightly News special report, as it provides a 35% better return than conventional advertising.

The Creative Vision


MediaKey vision centers around one basic question:

What brings buyers?

Belief! When you fill their basic need to do the right thing people reward you with their business.


Individuality! Each person is special. Build THEM and they will come.


Love! Give-aways are magnets ~ show your people love and they will will work to win it.



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