AirTrack            Post-Airing Regional and National Broadcast Information


MediaKey takes the guesswork out of revenue-based program objectives by tracking our national broadcasts region-by-region, station-by-station.  This attention to detail provides participants with real data by weeding out pre-empts and adding pickups.  While our revenue-based competitors do not provide this in-depth service, MediaKey realizes this level of service is the catylist to program marketing success.

Detailed, easy to read charts and graphs showing where the program aired

Each available station demographic brief

Region by region throughout the contiguous United States.

With Direct Target™, AirTrack provides powerful marketing data to utilize as follow up for program appearance or any other campaigns your company needs to reach its national goals.


 Callers contacting MediaKey, “respondents”, ask for information about program features.  Respondents are identified, tracked, and asked to connect directly with your company, a potent strategy for direct response.


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