Direct Target

Statistical Target Audience and Demographic Data for Direct Response

Make the most of your broadcast marketing by including critical data used to target viewers, including a direct Consumer Mailing List of your Program Target Audience provided one month before the episode airdate. You choose the format, on Mailing Labels, uTube Video or Printed sheet.

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Why Use It?

         Target Prospects in the Program Audience

         Design Direct Mail Campaigns Supporting your Appearance

         Telemarket to Promising New Customers

         Conduct In-depth Market Research

List Included Information

         Name & Mailing Address

         City, County, State, Metropolitan Statistical Area and Zip Code

         Telephone Numbers

         Age Range

         Estimated Household Income

         Estimated Home Value

         Estimated Length of Residence

         Home Owners and Apartment Dwellers


VIP Invite

         Custom invitations sent to your top 100 VIPs to watch your feature

         Your corporate Logo prominently displayed


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