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Wish List TV What You Want and Where to Get it
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Welcome to Wish List TV

.....your wish is our command.


YES, really! We are serious



- “I WISH I HAD….” What do YOU wish you had? Here at our studios we are encouraging people to fill in the blank!

BECAUSE What YOU wish for is coming to national broadcast cable in a fun and energizing series, “Wish List TV” where people send in wishes for items they need and love – and some win their wish on air! You thought wedding shows were about true love? “Wish List TV” is what really makes our world turn - - presents! Gifts! Toys, tools, trunks, fashion, vacations and the “stuff” of our lives. There is hardly a more fulfilling feeling than getting things you want and in this show participants get exactly that - the things they want – in an exciting new multi-style format. “Wish List TV” will highlight a roller-coaster of multi-emotional wishes per episode; some news worthy, some thrilling, some deeply serious and some just plain ‘ol fun, for a robust and richly-featured yet well-rounded program infusing viewers with a deep satisfaction and intrigue in what are the top products and services as “wished” by their peers. Hosts will share informative and educational details motivating people to improve their lives (or others’) with features seen on this show and “Wished” for by their families, friends and neighbors.

The show is our story of interesting facts and people who make things happen. And more than that, there is something for everyone. Viewing and "Following" audiences get free gifts and deals through mobile, social and promotional avenues while hosts inform, demonstrate and evaluate those same items.

No worries busy people - one is left out. If you miss the show there is still online shopping and interaction with the show for incentive. Maybe next time you will make sure to watch - since during the show features are showcased with promotional codes for viewers to copy and register for even more fun and prizes.

There will be games and prizes included for loyal viewers as well as clips of people from across the nation responding to featured products “from the street. YOU may be caught by one of our roaming wish cameras d seen on TV.






we want

to fill

your wish





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