Q      How much time will this take?

A:      You don't have to spend your time to have a great feature with great results. Simply fill out the initial paperwork and MediaKey does the rest...from contacting your people and departments (at your convenience) to snappy, responsive copy and productive shoots. If your company is the "hands-on" type, why, come on in. Just follow our guidelines for the audience and your episode to make the most of your appearance.

Q      Where and when is my feature shot? Do I have to ship my product to your studios?

A:      This is the really great part, you can be shot anywhere in the contiguous United States within four weeks of signing your script approval, and you choose the location. In most cases, featured companies decide where to shoot during the initial scripting with your MediaKey writers, a process that usually takes between a few weeks to a month...and based on your schedule, too. You can ship your product to us for a studio shoot only if you wish.

Q      How do I prepare for the shoot?

A:      Most featured companies decide shoot preparations during the scripting process, including specific rooms, offices, or departments. Of course, you will need a clean unit of your product specifically for shooting, and any props addressed in your script...items you will have already decided and approved before script signature (such as a representative who speaks on camera, or a set-up, or any product add-ons you specify). MediaKey does require a contact person from your company be onsite for the shoot to answer questions and facilitate shoot day. Your shoot location must have electrical availability and be relatively quiet when cameras are rolling, people cannot walk in and out of the room during taping. MediaKey crews are fully equipped, but if you want a more luxurious aura for your feature, extras are available for a fee, such as flowers, plants, trees, extra backdrops or jib arms for extreme overhead shots, if you like. Extra equipment is truly not necessary however, we'll make you shine without those added expenditures!

Q      Can I have multiple products included in my feature?

A:      Yes, if you have worked out additional products or services with your producer before signing your agreement. Once your feature time is set, it is a little more complicated to include additional products, services and technologies in your segment, so make sure you have addressed EVERYTHING you want featured with your producer before signing your agreement!

Q      Do I have to provide my company logo? How do you handle my logo?

A:      Yes, you will need to submit a digital, high-resolution (camera-ready) corporate logo to MediaKey in specific formats. We treat your logo with the UTMOST respect and do not touch up, recreate or generate additional logos without a stiff fee...remember, although we can generate topnotch graphics, your logo is a specialized item and should be produced by a graphic logo house.

Q      Can I customize my DVD, YouTube and / or Pullout?

A:      Yes, your collaterol is customized with your logo as front and back bumpers and the type-edit "As seen on National TV". You can also ask for your collaterol on an approved Memory Device, VHS, or purchase the Digital Master for a nominal fee.

Q      Can you notify my distributors' customers about air dates and times?

A:      Yes. We notify your top 100 VIPs with a special invitation to watch your feature on national TV, each addressed personally to name and department. Many times MediaKey is running a VIP promotion and invitees receive a gift just for watching the show!

Q      Can you send me storyboards of my feature?

A:      Yes. For a small fee we will storyboard your feature for you.

Q      My company is very strict on wording and copy. Can you use my company's generated press releases?

A:      Sorta, Yes. MediaKey can incorporate your press releases into our own, but cannot release them verbatim.

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